This club is run by Catherine Hartley. A trained Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing in Schools Instructor. The club will be run on a Monday from 3:15-4:15 at a cost of £4 per session.

Within the session, we will explore brain theory, teaching the children in a child friendly manner how their brain works and how to recognise when their flight/fight response is being triggered. This encourages the children to be able to identify how their bodies feel when the brain is activating this response and to use the tools provided to self-regulate.

The session also explores breath work; specifically, tools to calm the central nervous system, yoga, through the use of games, rhymes, songs and stories and guided relaxation in the form of meditation stories. On occasion, we will also use massage in the class to activate oxytocin in the body and bring about a sense of relaxation and calm. This is carried out peer to peer, with permission from your child requested first. This is always supervised, undertaken fully clothed and only ever on the back, neck and shoulders, while your child remains in a seated position.

How will Yoga benefit your child?

  • Yoga encourages children to delight in moving their bodies in a non-stressful and non-competitive atmosphere
  • Yoga helps children develop an understanding and awareness of how their bodies move and breathe. With this awareness comes positive change, both in our knowledge of ourselves and in our understanding of others
  • The quiet, focussed, unhurried nature of Yoga practice encourages qualities that assist children in coping with their busy and sometimes stressful lives
  • Whilst being excellent for developing body awareness and co-ordination, Yoga also gives children the tools to create their own relaxation techniques

The club will be a maximum of 12 children and will be at a cost of £4 a week throughout the term. Monies should be paid at the beginning of every month or termly if you prefer.

The first session this term will commence on Monday 14th January 2019.