Aims and objectives

Homework is an essential part of your child's work at school. But by far the most important thing that mums, dads and others can do at home is to encourage children to develop the habit of reading for pleasure. Helping to do this in your child's primary school years will make a major contribution to his/her educational progress.

Why do we have homework?

  • To encourage children to learn to study independently
  • To allow children to practice the skills they have learned in the classroom
  • To help children learn about more topic areas and to make better progress
  • To enable classwork to concentrate on those activities in which the children need more support from the class teacher
  • To open up areas of study and to make possible use of materials and sources of information that are not accessible in the classroom
  • To involve parents and other adults in the children's work to allow them to work in depth and to follow up areas of interest outside the time constraints of lessons.

If you ever have a question about homework please don't hesitate to speak to your child's teacher.