Our attendance level for the April 2017 was 96.6%. (The Government's national expectation is 96%)

April 2017 Attendance Analysis

Unauthorised Absence = 10 sessions - 3 pupils

Medical/Dental Appointments = 7 sessions - 7 pupils

Illness = 35 sessions - 16 pupils

Authorised Holiday = 2 sessions - 2 pupils

Unauthorised Holiday = 4 sessions - 1 pupil

Late into school before 9.15am = 7 sessions - 5 pupils


We will continue to implement rigorous and robust systems in order to improve attendance at the school.

Early morning telephone calls are being made to families whose attendance causes concern, and calls are also made to all families where the reason for absences has not been reported to us. Weekly checks on individual percentages are being carried out, and families whose attendance is causing concern are requested to attend meetings with members of the School Leadership Team.

Thank you to all parents and carers who have really worked with the school to make sure that their children are in school every day. This is something we are really passionate about.